Brian Noon – a resident from Edel Quinn House

Brian Noon had a successful career in newspapers and then as a guide at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral for well over thirty years. He had lived in the same semi-detached family home on and off for 74 years. He originally lived in the house with his wife who passed away. Some years after her death Brian met another partner who he was together with for many years until she also sadly died. Living alone in his early 80s Brian was finding the upkeep of his house overwhelming and he was getting depressed. This is his story.

Brian Noon – a resident from Edel Quinn House“I’d find myself lying awake at night listening to the high winds, wondering if it was going to blow off some of my roof tiles. I worried about how I would afford the repairs. My savings were dwindling.

“As much as I loved the house, it was all getting too much for me. I was getting more and more anxious which was really getting me down. I felt depressed which affected my physical health too and I developed sciatica which was very painful.

“I’m 84 now but have always been very independent and love getting involved in lots of activities. I took up watercolour painting in my sixties and I’m a keen walker. It was when I was out with my walking club one day that we took a trip to Upton Village and I knew it was somewhere I’d love to live.

“I later Googled sheltered housing in Wirral and came across what appeared to be a well respected high quality sheltered provider called Alpha Homes who had a development called Edel Quinn House sheltered accommodation in Upton. I was already very sure that a move was the right thing for me and on impulse I got straight in the car to drive over and see it for myself.

“As soon as I got there, I met the residential Development Manager Ann, who immediately gave me a feeling of security and support and saw all the social activities on the notice board, I could really see myself living there and being happy. It was a lovely quiet semi-rural spot and as a keen gardener I was very taken with the outside space.

“Not long after that I was moving into my new flat. I loved it and settled in straight away.

“I love having my own front door with the reassurance that there is someone around should I ever need them.

“I’m a keen cook and love making homemade meals like Cumberland pie. I grow my own herbs in the garden which everyone is welcome to use.

“My current partner Maureen, who lives in Stoke On Trent and I organised a big new year’s do last year which was attended by most of the other residents. It was fantastic. We’re hoping to do this again this year.

“I’ve lived here for two years and I’m very content. Before I moved here I often didn’t speak to anyone all day. Now I have so much joy and laughter in my life living at Edel Quinn House. This is my home.”

Alpha has developments in 11 different authorities. We excel in bringing people together for comfort, safety and socialising. Our aim is to ensure everyone is valued and encourages well being and friendship. No one ever needs to be lonely in an Alpha Development.

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