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What we do

We offer 1st class services for the over 55s

We are passionate about promoting independence later in life and with more than 960 apartments and flats in 11 local authorities we could be just the answer you are looking for if you are aged 55 or over.

About us

We have more than 960 flats and apartments in 11 local authorities across the north of England.

We offer first-class services shaped around the needs of our current and future residents, and provide a truly personal experience.


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  • Gerard Corr House 14

    Gerard Corr House – Wallasey

  • Alpha Court 8

    Alpha Court – Wallasey


Our developments are full of amazing people

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Although it has been only eight or nine weeks since I moved here, I feel at home, that I belong here and best of all that I need never be lonely again. Getting to know new friends and their characters can be both interesting and in some ways, exciting.

Brian Noon – a resident from Edel Quinn House
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Here at Alpha we like to be open and honest about our team, performance and ambitions, if you're struggling to find something you can always search for it.