• Price: £84.05 + service charge

  • Bedrooms: 1 bed

  • Address: Dewsbury Road, Hunslet,Leeds, LS11 5NR

St Peter's Court is situated on the site of St Peter's Church. There is an occupied vicarage in the centre of the site and a listed cenotaph dedicated to the 1914-19 War at the front of the building.

The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the communal facilities are based conveniently in the main building. These comprise of the laundry, hairdressers, guest room, managers office and communal lounge.

The Development is surrounded by beautiful gardens that are expertly cared for by a team of gardeners who compliment the residents gardening efforts. On a sunny day you will always find a group of residents relaxing there. There are many opportunities to socialise at events and coffee mornings and lunches in the lounge.

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