About Us

We know that moving into a new home can lead to lots of questions. We’ve tried our best to answer the ones we hear most often here. If you’re still not sure about anything concerning Alpha, or our developments, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today on 0330 460 9870.

How easy is it to apply for an apartment?
Probably much easier than you think. Our developments are popular but vacancies come up fairly often. The application process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is apply to us directly. Contact our team today on 0330 460 9870 to find out more.
What is it like to live in one of your developments?
One of the most frequent comments we get is that people wish they had moved to an Alpha development earlier in life. In sheltered housing you will live independently in your own apartment. Some people choose not to get involved in activities. You can close your own front door and enjoy the peace and quiet! Most people however want to join in the life of a development. There is always something going on, and someone to talk to. Each of our developments has a lounge where people gather and where activities such as coffee mornings take place. Most developments have an active social committee which organises entertainment or visits. More importantly there is bound to be someone who has similar interests to you!
Who lives in an Alpha development?

All kinds of people. The ages range from 55 to 100. We have all sorts of residents who have led varied and interesting lives. We have residents who run half marathons, residents who in later life have taken up degree courses, we have keen crown green bowlers, and people with lots of hobbies such as singing, playing a musical instrument, gardening, flower arranging or knitting. We even have an ex professional footballer! We also have residents who just want a quiet life.
We know everyone is different, which is why we shape our service around you.

Why should I choose Alpha?

Each Alpha development has a dedicated Development Manager who you will get to know – and who will take the time to get to know you! Residents tell us the importance of having a familiar face and a familiar team of Housekeepers.

Residents tell us they find security, peace of mind and always having someone to talk to as very important to them.

Is moving a big step?

It can be, but we’re here to help. Moving from the family home or larger accommodation can take a bit of planning, especially if you’re moving somewhere smaller. We can give advice on the next steps and on budgeting.

What’s included in your charges?

Each development charges a rent and a service charge. In some developments, heating and water rates are included in the service charge. The service charge will typically pay for things like the Development Manager, laundry room (including use of washing machines and driers), communal areas including the lounge, maintenance of the lift, fire safety, gardening, window cleaning, door entry systems and the emergency warden call system.

What does a Development Manager do?

A Development Manager is a trained professional who will help you to live independently. The Development Manager will give you a call each morning to check you are OK. They will agree a support plan if you choose to have one. They manage the building to make sure it is safe and they will also organise activities in your development. For an additional charge, we can arrange support for things like cleaning and shopping.

A Development Manager is not a carer. They will not give you medicine, or offer any form of personal care such as help with bathing or dressing.

Some of our residents do receive personal care through arrangements they have made themselves or with the local Council. We can offer advice on this.

What happens over the weekend?

Over the weekend, we employ part-time Development Managers who will typically come to your development for a couple of hours on a Saturday and Sunday. They will give everyone who wants one a morning call and ensure that residents and the building are safe.

What happens if there is an emergency outside these times?

Emergencies happen very rarely, but we always have a member of staff on call to respond to emergencies where someone is needed on site.

Can I bring my pet?

In most cases we would say “yes”. If a pet has been a loyal companion and isn’t any trouble to other residents, then your four-legged friend is very welcome. We would usually only say no if there are already a number of pets in the development.

Can I buy an Alpha apartment?

At the moment Alpha apartments are only available to let on affordable rents.

Do you do extra care housing?

We will very shortly, our first Extra Care Development, Poppyfields, will be complete in early Spring.