Staying Cool and Well….


We are experiencing the hottest period for many years and latest forecasts indicate a further week or two for many of us.

We would like to provide you with some handy hints to help you remain as comfortable as possible in the heat.

Please ensure you drink plenty of water, do not count tea, coffee or alcohol as a portion of your intake and unless medically advised otherwise, ensure you drink several litres every day.

Keep your home as cool as possible, keep curtains closed on the sunny side of the building, at least during the hottest hours 11.00am to 3.00pm. Keep direct sunlight coming in to a minimum.

Open windows, encourage air circulation using fans if you have one. However, please create a reminder, even a note on your pillow, to close the windows to the ventilation position at night.

Stay indoors during the warmer part of the day, try and remain in the shade but with doors and windows safely open to improve comfort.

Turn off the heating/ hot water and boil a kettle for the small amount of hot water you may need to wash dishes.

Consider your dress sense in the heat, wear loose, thin clothing, lighter colours, we aren’t on parade in this weather, keep comfortable.

Remember to look out for your neighbours as well.

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