Our Re-brand

Our Re-brand
Over the last 12 months Alpha has been in the process of re-branding the company image and it was important that we gathered the views of residents and staff to make sure we were creating a brand that people felt part of and that represented their views.

A brand exercise at the Staff Conference started the ball rolling when colleagues were asked to design a new logo. The logo was to represent Alpha has a whole and what the company meant to them. One of the running themes from the day was the many different services that Alpha provides to its residents and how different we are from other Housing Associations.

Following on from the Staff Conference we held Workshops and formed an Advisory Group. From the Workshops we came up with our Brand Promise – “At Alpha we promise to always to give you time and treat you as an individual.”

We also created a Brand Personality:-

  • Honest
  • Patient
  • Innovative
  • Warm
  • Professional
  • Determined

The next step was to appoint a Marketing Agency to help us achieve our desired goals. We held a ‘Dragons Den’ at one of our developments and invited along a number of Board Members, residents and staff. 4 Agencies came to pitch their ideas to us. In the end we opted for Kaleidoscope, a Liverpool based company, who we most felt understood what we wanted to achieve.

We worked closely with Kaleidoscope and had several meetings where we slowly but surely created the new branding.

The Logo

The multiple shapes and colours in the icon reflect the diverse choices available to residents and forms the shape of the ‘A’ of Alpha. They also add a bright visual feel that can be taken throughout all types communications.

The teal green triangle at the bottom left represents the individual - happily independent - but also with the support of a vibrant community and the wider opportunities it presents.

The Strapline

Alpha is a place where services are shaped around people to empower them to live happy, fulfilled lives. This is a reflection of our aim to make sure everyone is treated as an individual as well as a part of our friendly community, which is why our strapline is ‘shaped around you’.

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